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In this course you will gain mastery of the skills used to set a healthy relationship with your dog where your dog looks to you as their leader for guidance and direction. You will learn basic verbal commands, leash skills, rules setting, and teaching your dog to ask for permission to get what they want.



Establish a clear language that your dog recognizes and responds to. 


Condition your dog  to follow non-verbal commands and have them sit and hold their place. 


Teach your dog to ask for permission for what they want and set rules around the house.

1,000+ Happy Dog Parents Have Succeeded
with these Proven Training Lessons

“I am amazed at how quickly my dogs have picked up on the foundational and leash skills training in Pam’s videos. Our walks are a lot more pleasant now that my dogs can follow some basic commands and no longer pull on the leash. I cannot say enough great things about these videos and Pam’s expertise. It has made our lives with our dogs so much better!”

Susan T.
St. Louis, MO

“This website is a game changer! If you really want to make a difference follow this program. Pam is amazing and following these skills programs really work. It teaches both you and your dog how to work together so everyone is happy. I couldn’t believe how easy it really is to make a difference by just following this program. This is a must do for all dog owners. Thank you Pam and DogSense!”

Krysi B.
Virginia Beach, VA

” I couldn’t agree more with the other great reviews here. We all have special gifts and when someone aligns with their true purpose in this world, it is VERY obvious. There is no doubt this is the case with Pam Chandler and Dog Sense. Take one of her video courses and you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

Amanda R.
San Diego, CA

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