About Us

Welcome to Dog Sense Community, an online resource for video courses, discussion forums, and expert advice focused on teaching you to become a benevolent leader to your dog.

DogSense Community is the culmination of Pamela Chandler’s nearly 15 years of experience working with all sorts of dogs from excitable, dependent puppies to rescue dogs with difficult histories.  

Pamela runs a successful Dog Training business in San Diego, California where she has been able to follow her passion for helping people and their dogs with hundreds of happy clients. In designing these lessons, Pamela shows you proven training techniques that she has developed working with hundreds of dogs over the last 15 years. Each course has lessons broken down into a set of concise and easy to understand videos to teach you how to handle and enjoy your dog in almost any situation.

Pamela is Certified in Dog Training Knowledge (CDTK) through the CATCH Academy of Dog Trainers and is an approved partner with the American Kennel Club as an AKC Evaluator for Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) testing.   Prior to running her own training business, Pamela spent several years working at an animal hospital as well as co-founding a local rescue, and serving as both its Executive Director and Adoption Coordinator.