Private Coaching with Pamela

How it Works

Remote Dog Training may be our future for some time. But how does that work? How can this be effective? I need a trainer to come to my home!

I will come to your home through your phone, iPad, or computer screen!

Private online training is an effective way for me to be in your home without me BEING in your home. The technology available these days is perfect for remote learning. Teachers are doing it in our schools, large corporations are doing to keep up with every day operations, friends are doing it to keep in touch….WE CAN DOG TRAIN!

My online Private Coaching Program is designed to give you support via video calls with me, Training Videos specific to your needs to review after we meet, a customized training plan for YOUR specific needs, and an open line of communication so I can guide you through the training process when questions come up.

I have 3 different options in my Private Coaching Program. I have taken time to create these programs based on specific needs I have seen over the years and these methods are proving to be VERY effective for remote training. One of these plans may be a perfect fit for you.

Have questions? Aren’t sure which plan is best for you? Message me on “Ask the Trainer” and I’ll help you decide before you commit. I want you to be comfortable with our program from the start.

Coaching Essentials

  • 30 Day All Access Video Course Pass
  • 45 Minute Initial Video Consult
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Private Messaging with Pamela

Coaching Plus

  • 60 Day All Access Video Course Pass
  • 45 Minute Initial Video Consult
  • Customized Training Plan
  • One 30 minute video conference follow up
  • 30 days email, phone, and text support

Coaching Premium

  • 90 Day All Access Video Course Pass
  • 45 Minute Initial Video Consult
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Three 30 minute video conference follow ups
  • Customized End Of Training Plan
  • 90 days email, phone, and text support

Don’t see a plan that fits your needs? Contact Pamela and ask about a custom coaching plan.

1,000+ Happy Dog Parents Have Succeeded
with these Proven Training Lessons

“I am amazed at how quickly my dogs have picked up on the foundational and leash skills training in Pam’s videos. Our walks are a lot more pleasant now that my dogs can follow some basic commands and no longer pull on the leash. I cannot say enough great things about these videos and Pam’s expertise. It has made our lives with our dogs so much better!”

Susan T.
St. Louis, MO

“This website is a game changer! If you really want to make a difference follow this program. Pam is amazing and following these skills programs really work. It teaches both you and your dog how to work together so everyone is happy. I couldn’t believe how easy it really is to make a difference by just following this program. This is a must do for all dog owners. Thank you Pam and DogSense!”

Krysi B.
Virginia Beach, VA

” I couldn’t agree more with the other great reviews here. We all have special gifts and when someone aligns with their true purpose in this world, it is VERY obvious. There is no doubt this is the case with Pam Chandler and Dog Sense. Take one of her video courses and you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

Amanda R.
San Diego, CA