Leash Skills Mastery

This course will teach you fundamental leash skills that will allow you handle your dog better when going for walk, entertaining guests, or any situation where more control is required.

This is a great course if you want to learn the following:

  • Learn about different types of collars and leashes and finding the best one for your dog.
  • Teaching your dog to not pull on leash.
  • Taking your dog for a walk in distracting situations (traffic, street crossing, parks, other dogs)
  • Having your dog learn to heel.
  • Being able to use the leash to communicate with your dog.
  • Have greater control of your dog in a wide variety of scenarios.
  • Build a stronger non-verbal connection and relationship with your dog.

BONUS: To get the most value out of this course we include a FREE copy of our Foundational Skills video course, which we recommend completing before starting these lessons.

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 9 Topics