Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family is all about helping you start off on the right foot with your new dog and creating safe and healthy environment in your home for them to thrive.

In this course you will first learn some basic dog body language and how to recognize the different reactions your dog may have to stimulus. You will become more aware of your dogs stress signals, and learn techniques you can use to calm them and create a reassuring environment for them to thrive in.

After that, you will learn some techniques to help potty train and/or teach your dog the appropriate place to go the bathroom, and what to do if they are having accidents in the house.

We will then go over how to properly place a crate in your home and several techniques you can use that will have your dog using their crate as a safe sanctuary that they enjoy being in.

Along with learning how to set up your home to welcome your new dog, you will learn about the spaces and positions for areas that your dog can relax in while fostering healthy and respectful boundaries within your home.

You will also learn how to create an effective feeding and sleeping routine for you dog and how to introduce toys and bones in a way that is both stimulating and healthy for your dog.

Finally, we will cover off on how to introduce your dog to new guests within you home so they are greeted in a friendly and polite way that both your dog and guests are comfortable with.


We highly recommend you also take the Foundational Skills Course in conjunction with Welcome To the Family as these additional exercises will help you to develop some basic commands and set a foundation for a healthy leadership relationship with your dog. As a bonus we have included our Foundational Skills Course with this course for no additional charge.

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 8 Topics