Funnel: Two Step Foundation – Landing

Learn 5 skills that can help EVERY dog owner for just $79 $19.95

In five easy to learn lessons, Pamela’s Foundational Skills Series will teach you the fundamental building blocks that have your dog eagerly looking to you as as a their kind leader and waiting to follow your lead.


My 15 years of hands on experience working with thousands of dogs and a significant range of behaviors has taught me one very valuable insight into how to train your dog. It is vital that the dog makes the decision to do what you tell them to do without being forced. The most effective way to do that is to find what is important to the dog….to really understand the dog’s thought pattern and perspective. Once you do that, you can easily put your dog to work for what they want. This makes you the leader in your dog’s mind and THAT is a game changer.

Pamela Chandler
Founder and Professional Dog Trainer