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Puppy House Training - Mini Course

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House Training Intro – Rule #1

This video gives an overall lesson in how you pup views their environment and how to teach them to communicate to you that they need to go potty.

How to Practice

When your pup needs to go potty put them on leash and walk them outside to the area you want them to potty in. Keep the leash loose and walk your dog around until they potty. As they are going tell them “go potty” so they associate the verbal with the action. After your pup goes potty reward them with praise or treats.

Practice Tips

When you take your pup out to potty do not play with them. You do not want to distract them. When you are telling your puppy to “go potty” be sure to say it in a whisper. If you say it too loud your pup may stop going potty to engage with you and will not completely empty their bladder. They may go in the house and finish inside…which you don’t want.

If you have any questions about this exercise please post in the Ask The Trainer Discussion and make sure to tag @pamela.