Bring Me Your Bone

I hope the quarantine doesn’t have you too stir crazy. I know my dogs are THRILLED to have us all home! Maybe a little too thrilled? I hear many complaints of “Mouthy Behavior” from my clients…especially those with younger dogs. They are trying to engage with you in the same way they would with another dog. But, clearly, you are not a dog. 💡 So let’s teach them to engage in a way that works for BOTH of you.

This weeks “Training Tip of the Week” is about working through mouthy behavior and teaching your dog that if they want to engage with you then they should bring you their bone.

Check out my dog Sidd in the video. She is, by far, the most mouthy dog I have ever had…so if she can learn this than I know your dog can too!

Also, for this week only, I am offering you my Leash Skills Mastery series for 25% off. Use coupon code BRINGMEYOURBONE to get this course at a discount….this will give you fun stuff to work with your dog on your walks.

Don’t Forget – You can always ask me questions in our “Ask The Trainer” discussion group.

Happy Training!

Pamela Chandler
Founder and Head Trainer
Dog Sense Community

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