Negotiating The Sniff

The NOSE knows, so let’s negotiate the sniff.

Have you noticed your dog sniffing longer than usual these last few weeks? Well spring is here and whether you’ve had rain, wind, melting snow or a combination, Mother Nature is kicking up some amazing scent for your pup.

This weeks TIP from Dog Sense Community is about what I call “Negotiating the Sniff”. Your dog needs to sniff. It is their primary sense and it is how they navigate their environment. But, some dogs take it just a little too far and you want to get on with your walk. “Negotiating the Sniff” gives you a fair, kind, and easy way to get your dog to finish sniffing when you are BOTH ready.

Your dog’s nose is very different from a human’s nose. This video will give you a great way to encourage your dog to sniff while still being able to get on with your walk so it is enjoyable for both of you!

I also wanted to share with you this TED talk. This is one of my favorite videos that gives great insight into the amazing wonder that is your dog’s NOSE!

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Happy Training!

Pamela Chandler
Founder and Head Trainer
Dog Sense Community

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