Make No Bones About It!

Most dogs love to chew. Finding the right bone, KONG, No Hide, or bully stick for your dog can feel overwhelming. The Tip this week is intended to give you different options of bones and chews for your dog; depending on their age, breed, and strength of mouth. I give you some safe suggestions to consider and I encourage you to share any amazing bones you have had success with HERE.

Encouraging your dog to chew is a VERY healthy way to keep an older dog active, a younger dog calm, and an adolescent dog from EATING YOUR DRYWALL! Your dog’s jaw is a muscle that they will find one way or another to flex so help them out and get them something that will keep them busy.

If you have multiple dogs in the house and you have guarding issues, be sure to manage this process. In the video, you will see my dogs Bea & Sidd both on their “place” while they have a high reward bone. This is MY rule around bones so that I don’t run into any issues between the dogs. Don’t be afraid to separate your dogs this way. The crate is a fantastic tool for this as well.

I will post links to all of the bones I show in the video on the Ask the Trainer Discussion page so check it out! Again, if you have a bone that your dog LOVES please share with your community of Dog Lovers!

Don’t Forget – You can always ask me questions in our “Ask The Trainer” discussion group.

Happy Training!

Pamela Chandler
Founder and Head Trainer
Dog Sense Community

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