Don’t Bark Back!

Many of you have reached out and told me your dogs seem more amped up with you at home all day. It is important to remember that dogs thrive on patterns and consistency…just like we do! While they may LOVE having you home, their normal daily routine is out of order and this may cause some different behaviors in your pups such as anxiety, over-excitement, strange fears, and (like my dog Beatrice) hiding out in the laundry room. 🤷‍♀️

Often times a response to an emotion for a canine is to bark. It is an expression of an emotion. Your dog may be on edge so you are seeing more barking.

This week’s Tip of the Week will give you a way to calm your dog, ease them out of the barking routine, and give you a fun practice to engage with them instead of letting them drive you crazy! Don’t bark back at your dog!! Pull out your Golden Marker.

Let me know how this works. It’s a gem in my house…involve your family members!

If you have a suggestion for a Tip of the Week please don’t be shy. Send it to me at my Ask the Trainer page and I will do my best to address your requests!

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Happy Training!

Pamela Chandler
Founder and Head Trainer
Dog Sense Community

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